Our Savior’s participates in a Scrip program through Great Lakes Scrip Company. Scrip is a way for organizations like Our Savior’s to fundraise with no pressure to buy anything. All it takes is a little forethought from individuals who buy gift cards to do their shopping.
Here’s how it works.
Our Savior’s has access to gift cards at a rebate. So, let’s say you want to get some fuel for your car at Kwik Trip. Our Savior’s has Kwik Trip cards in $50 and $100 increments. The cards were purchased with a 5% rebate. If you purchase a card for $100, Our Savior’s will net $5. You get fuel for your car, and we put that little bit towards ministry work here. You can buy cards for virtually every situation, including Visa cards that will work at places like Main St. Market and Suster’s here in Denmark. And, because you’re buying the cards at face value, the rebates are tax deductible.
As an added benefit for families with youth who participate in our ministries, we will split the earnings with you! You can earn money towards the expense of a mission trip, winter retreat, or Lifest, all without selling a thing!
This is an incredibly successful way to fundraise! Look through the documents below for more information, and then contact the church office when you’re ready to sign-up. For a full listing of available cards, visit Shop with Scrip by clicking on their logo below.
We really cannot thank you enough for your efforts!