Worship at Our Savior’s is traditional, and it’s contemporary–it is simply worship. We don’t put an emphasis on the difference between what’s old and what’s new. Instead, we gather each Sunday with no less than four generations represented under one roof to sing, pray, read, forgive, commune, and bless. 
To be a little more specific, we normally use an organ and a piano. Worship books called Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW) help to pattern our weekly worship. We use songs written long ago and recently, and songs written for people both near and far. We have the ability to use overhead projection, but more often focus our efforts on participating from the liturgy of the heart.
In short, we are a community of people called by God through faith in Jesus Christ, and our worship takes the shape of these people gathered at Our Savior’s. But there are elements which remain central to our worship: God’s Word and the sacraments of grace. We celebrate the good news of God for all people found within the Holy Scriptures while we feast on the promise of eternal life. We baptize children and adults, and commune with all the baptized who believe that Christ is truly present in the bread and wine. In this way, we are reminded of God’s immense and undying love for us, and we are nourished with the Bread of Life.


Kids can be noisy, disruptive, and just downright cranky–but those aren’t reasons for them or for you to stay away, or to sit outside of the sanctuary during worship! There are plenty of challenging days, and you’re providing your children with an incredible gift when you bring them to worship. Even if it doesn’t seem like they’re listening, they’re making connections. The foundation of faith is being laid one brick at a time.
Of course, there are times when kids just need to wiggle and walk around. If the goodies you brought for them just aren’t doing the trick, our Kids Cave has a variety of toys and books available for you to help occupy them.


Okay, this is probably the hardest decision you’ll make all day: do you head out the front door and go home after worship, or do you head over to the great smelling coffee and tasty looking treats? We hope you choose to stay! Fellowship is a time for friends and families to grab a treat and introduce themselves to someone new. For our newer members, it’s a great time to learn about others, and what God’s up to in their lives.