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Holy Baptism at Our Savior's

Congratulations on the birth of your child! Whether this is just the beginning of your new family, or an addition to a growing family, you have been blessed! And we are blessed to share this joy with you!


Each year, Our Savior's hosts four baptismal Sundays to celebrate this exciting event with you and your family. Families are required to attend worship and attend a baptismal class two weeks prior to their chosen date. This gives us a chance to truly celebrate Holy Baptism within the life of our community, and the life of your family. The date of your child’s baptism will be celebrated by multiple families who choose to have their children baptized that day. This serves to remind us that baptism is an individual act with communal responsibilities.

When you are ready, use the link below to register your child for Holy Baptism, and to pick your preferred Baptismal Sunday. 


435 Wisconsin Ave

Denmark, WI  54208

(920) 241-3931

Our Savior's Lutheran Church

Sunday Schedule

Worship - 8:30 AM

Sunday School - 9:45 AM

Wednesday Schedule (Sept.-Apr.)

412 Youth Group - 6:00 PM

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