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Being Lutheran

Lutherans are Christians who believe that in order to have a right relationship with God, they must, through God’s grace, profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We can only do this because we have been justified by God's grace through the gift of faith.

Through this faith, we are freed to love our neighbors. We express this love, not to win God’s salvation or favor, but in thanks and praise to God who loves us unconditionally. We take seriously the call of every Christian to proclaim the good news of Christ’s life, death on the cross, and resurrection. By proclaiming our love for our neighbors, and the good news of our faith, we are considered evangelical. 


435 Wisconsin Ave

Denmark, WI  54208

(920) 241-3931

Our Savior's Lutheran Church

Sunday Schedule

Worship - 8:30 AM

Sunday School - 9:45 AM

Wednesday Schedule (Sept.-Apr.)

412 Youth Group - 6:00 PM

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